Capturing Cancer with Music

Step 1: Select or Upload an Input File

You may either select one of the provided scores or upload your own using the "Choose File" button. If you both select and upload a file, the uploaded file will be used.

If you choose to download a file from OpenScore, you will have to sign up for a free account:

Ignore the "Start Free Trial" button and click on "Log In" in the upper right corner. Then click "Create an Account" in the new window and fill in the form. This will set up a free account that will not expire.

When you find a file you want to download, select the blue download button and select the MusicXML format.

A MusicXML score is the only required input, so if you wish to run the program with default settings, you may click "Submit" after providing an input file.

Step 2: Optionally Select Annotation

Clicking the first checkbox tells the program to record where mutations occur in the sheet music. It will not affect the audio output.

Step 3: Select Therapy Options

Next, you can select whether or not to model cancer treatment.

Clicking "Additional Therapy Options" will reveal two more settings.

Step 4: Select Conversion Options

By default, the program will return a compressed MusicXML file of the modeled score. These files can be viewed, played, and modified by a variety of programs. In addition, you may specify any combination of mp3, midi, or pdf. Any of these options can significantly extend the time it takes to run the program.

Under "Additional Conversion Options," there are two more settings:

Step 5: Select Mutation Rates

The overall mutation rate sets the chance of any mutation happening at a reproduction event. The relative mutation rates will be adjusted to add up to the new total.

In addition, the chance of each type of mutation can be individually controlled. The remaining individual rates will be adjusted so that they add up to the overall mutation rate. If they exceed the overall mutation rate, it will be increased to a maximum of 100%.

Step 6: Additional Options

Finally: Submit your simulation.